Benyamin Bahadori


Benyamin, Alizadeh, Shokoohi, Esfahani Concert Past Saturday, May 14, 2016
Benyamin Live in Concert Past Saturday, Oct 3, 2015
Benyamin Live in Concert Past Friday, Oct 2, 2015
Benyamin Live in Concert in Scottsdale (Arizona) Past Friday, Sept 25, 2015
Benyamin Live in Concert at Orange County Past Saturday, Sept 19, 2015
Benyamin Concert in Washington DC Past Saturday, Sept 12, 2015


Benyamin Bahadori is an Iranian pop singer and composer. His 2006 album "85" was a commercial success with Iranians inside Iran and in diaspora. Bahadori is also famous for his religious composings, though these have had less commercial success. So far Benyamin has produced 3 Studio Albums and is working on a new album.

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