Kambiz Hosseini


"Iranian Voices On Homophobia" Panel & Roundtable Disscution Past Friday, May 18, 2012
Kambiz Hosseini: “Political Satire on Television” Past Sunday, May 22, 2011


Kambiz Hosseini (Persian: کامبیز حسینی‎, born 1 August 1975 in Rasht) is an Iranian political satirist, actor, television host, and radio host. He is the host of Poletik, a satirical news program that airs on Radio Farda, as well as weekly podcast on human rights in Iran, Five in the Afternoon. He created and hosted the successful and critically acclaimed TV show Parazit on Voice of America from 2009-2012, which reached 30 million viewers worldwide.

Hosseini grew up in the Iranian cities of Rasht and Mashhad. He studied dramatic literature and acting in Iran and the US. He has written, directed and acted in many stage plays and radio and TV shows in Iran and the US. Hosseini immigrated to the United States in 2000. He eventually settled in Washington D.C. and worked for Radio Free Europe and as an art critic for Voice of America before launching Parazit.

Parazit, which means “Static” in Persian (in reference to the government jamming satellite television in Iran) gained immediate popularity both in Iran and in the Diaspora. The Washington Post dubbed Parazit “The Iranian Daily Show” and referred to him as the “Jon Stewart of Iran.” Hosseini himself made an appearance on Stewart’s “The Daily Show” in 2011 and Jon Stewart said that Parazit is "like our show, but with real guts.” Hosseini has been featured on CNN, FOX News, PBS, NPR, PRI, CBC, and many other media outlets around the world. Hosseini’s weekly podcast Five in the Afternoon features news and developments on human rights in Iran in the Persian language. Following his groundbreaking and universally popular Parazit, Hosseini recently launched the New York-based satirical news show, Poletik.

Hosseini received The Reporters without Borders User Award, which honors individuals advocating for freedom of expression. The award specifically recognizes those who stand for freedom of information and expression throughout the world.

Hosseini was awarded the Bronze Medal at the 2012 New York Festival’s Best Television and Films show in Las Vegas for Parazit, which was honored in the comedy/satire category. He also won Voice of America’s “Gold Medal Award” (the agency’s highest honor) for Parazit.

Hosseini testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Affairs on May 11, 2011 where he delivered personal remarks advocating for human rights in Iran.

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