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Majid Majidi (born 17 April 1959 in Tehran) is an internationally and critically acclaimed Iranian film director, film producer, and screenwriter. Born in an Iranian middle class family, he grew up in Tehran and at the age of 14 he started acting in amateur theater groups. He then studied at the Institute of Dramatic Arts in Tehran. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, his interest in cinema brought him to act in various films, most notably Mohsen Makhmalbaf's Boycott in 1985.

Majid Majidi

As of 2009, Majidi is the only Iranian director who has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film with the film Children of Heaven in 1998. He lost the award to the Italian film Life Is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni. Majid Majidi was one of five international film directors invited by the Chinese government to create a documentary short film to introduce the city of Beijing, in preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics which was held in the Chinese capital.

Filmography: Directing

  • Explosion (Enfejar) (1981) - documentary short
  • Hoodaj (1984) - short
  • Examination Day (Rooz-e Emtehan) (1988) - short
  • A Day with POWs (Yek Rooz Ba Asiran) (1989) - documentary short
  • Baduk (1992) - debut feature
  • The Last Village (Akhareen Abadi) (1993) - short
  • Father (Pedar) (1996) - feature
  • God Will Come (Khoda Miayad) (1996) - short
  • Children of Heaven (Bacheha-ye Aseman) (1997) - feature
  • The Color of Paradise (Rang-e Khoda) (1999) - feature
  • Baran (Rain) (2001) - feature
  • Barefoot to Herat (Pa berahneh ta Herat) (2002) - documentary
  • Olympics in the Camp (Olympik Tu Urdugah) (2003) - documentary short
  • The Willow Tree (Beed-e Majnoon; alternate English title One Life More) (2005) - feature
  • Peace, Love, and Friendship (2007) - documentary short
  • The Song of Sparrows (2008) - feature
  • Poet of the Wastes (2006)-feature
  • Kashmir Afloat - in production.

Awards and honors

Majid Majidi has received numerous awards up to now. Here are a few:

  • Oecumenical Special Award, 25th Montreal Film Festival, 2001.
  • Grand Prix Des Ameriques, 25th Montreal Film Festival, 2001.
  • Nominated for Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film, 1998.
  • Grand Prix of Americas Best Film, 21st Montreal Festival for World Films, 1999.

The Color of Paradise
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