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Abdulhassan Sattarpour (known as Sattar) is an Iranian pop singer. He had gained fame before the Iranian Revolution and became Pahlavi Royal Family court singer up until the political upheavals of the late 70s. He left Iran in 1978 and has taken residence in the U.S. since then.


Sattar is admired by more than 100 million people. He has recorded over 270 songs, has released 30 Albums thus far and performed in 23 countries. He is the favorite of The Persian Royal Family and Persian's most idolized vocalist artist of our contemporary time.

Sattar's fame began at the age of 22 with the release of the theme song "Khaneh Bedosh" to "Morad Barghi", a popular television show in Persia. The show made him an instant star. Young, talented, and extremely handsome, he soon became an ICON all over the Middle East.

In 1978, Sattar migrated to the United States and continued his singing career in Los Angeles, California. In 1980, he got married and eventually became a father. His career blossomed further through the years, leading him on tours all over the world.

As a caring individual, Sattar volunteers to perform at charity events for causes he believes in supporting. In September 2004 International Further Studies Institute - I.F.S.I, conferred him with an Honorary Doctorate award for his sincere dedication and contribution to human kind, world of art, and Persian music in particular.

With over 35 years of fame, Sattar's career has been dynamic. He has over 50 greatest hits, which include the internationally known "GOLEH SANGAM" and other hit songs such as "SHAHZDEH KHANOOM", "SHAHRE GHAM", "HAHMSAFAR", and "GOHLEH POONEH".

The key to his longevity is his amazing vocal ability, which can ranges from "Traditional (Bazm)" to the diverse sounds of present day "Pop Music".

Sattar, is an Academy Award winner in Persian Music who could receive two Golden Lioness Statuettes in October 2005 from The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM in Budapest. He received his first award for his best Melodic Voice in Pop music and the second award for his Vocal ability in Classic - Arrange.


  • Ashk
  • Bani (1983)
  • Bazm Bahar
  • Bazm: Elaheh & Sattar
  • Bazm: Avaye Deldadegan
  • Bi Eshgh Hargez
  • Deltangi
  • Do Parande
  • Fasle Panjom
  • Gelaye
  • Ghadam Ranje (1991)
  • Golbanoo
  • Gole Gandom
  • Gole Poone (1987)
  • Golhaye Ghorbat
  • Golhaye Rangarang
  • Hamsafar
  • Hekayat #3
  • Iran Iran (1981)
  • Kooche
  • Masti
  • Raghib (1984)
  • Sedaye Baroon
  • Setare Bazi
  • Shabe Asheghan
  • Shame Akhar
  • Shazde Khanoom
  • Tak Khal-Shenasname (1983–1982)
  • Ziafat (1990)

"Shazdeh Khanoom" Song