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Shams Ensemble



The Shams Ensemble is an Iranian musical group performing traditional Persian music. The group was established by Keikhosro Pournazeri in 1977. Its foundation was the first attempt to introduce Iranian Gnostis and mystic music and playing Tanbour in band in the world of Iranian professionals.

Shams Ensemble

Shams band initiated in Kermanshah, followed recording and publishing their album, 'Sound of love word' lead to international halls and festivals. Performances in Avinion festival Paris De'Lavil hall (France), Greg (Spain), Fajr (Iran), East Uzbekistan's Mystic songs (India), Europe , the US and Canada can be mentioned as well. The years of presentation have brought up more than fifty players and singers whom merely all of them were Pournazeri's students. After years of deprivation women as vocalists, setting double singers which made way for women to sing, Tanbour was accompanied by ladies for the first time. Shams' music has been song so far with voice of singers such as Shahram Nazeri, Bijan Kamkar, Heshmatolah Alahnejad, Jalal Mohamadian, Morteza Sharifian, Najme Tajadod and Maryam Ebrahimpour.

Shams Ensemble Performance